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frequently asked questions - The Holiday Hub

frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to  the most commonly asked questions about The Holidayhub. Should you not find an answer you are looking for, please get in touch with our support.

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FAQ's by Holidaymakers

Do I pay to use this incredible service?

No it’s completely free!

Do the travel consultants all work for the same travel company?

No, our website is open to all travel agents, consultants and tour operators, whom ever they work for.  We want to give everyone a voice, that way you’ll find the right expert to help you.

Do I make holiday bookings on The Holidayhub website?

No, we just put you in touch with people who will help you book. Once you have decided who should take your booking further, they will instruct you on how to proceed.

Is The Holidayhub responsible for the bookings made through this site.

As none of the bookings take place on this site, we cannot be responsible for your holiday. Please make sure you research the travel consultant/company you book with, before booking. Always make sure you have your travel insurance in place before you complete your booking.

Do I decide who I talk to?

Travel consultants can reply to your initial post, but after that you decide if you want to carry on the conversation. They won’t see your contact details unless you want them to.

FAQ's by Travel Consultants

Who can join the site?

Travel agents, tour operators, travel consultants, or any travel professional can sign up and use the site to get leads.

What will it cost us?

At the moment the sign up is free, so you will be able to browse all customer requests for nothing. It will cost £10 to reveal your identity to customers, should they want to talk more.

Can more than one consultant join from an agency?

Yes they can, it’s entirely up to you.  You could have one representative from a travel company answering all queries, or your specialists can sign up individually.

How many types of enquiries are there?

There are two types of enquiries:

  1. Find Me A Holiday

You can submit your suggestions and offers to clients for free, and if they like what you hear and want to talk more they will shortlist you. You will have one chance to impress the potential holidaymaker before they make their decision to shortlist you, so please make it count!

Once you are shortlisted you will be asked to pay £10 to share contact details and continue the conversation.  A holidaymaker can only shortlist a maximum of 5 travel consultants.


  1. Make Me An Offer

This is where the holidaymaker knows exactly what holiday they require, and is looking for the right package for them. The holidaymaker will be looking at price, package and service quality to decide which consultant to book with.  You will be asked to pay £10 to submit an offer to a holidaymaker, and automatically share your contact details with them. If they like what you hear then they can decide to share their contact details with you, and you can talk further.

How will I know the difference between the two enquiry types?

In the Make Me An Offer Enquiry type submitting a price is mandatory.  The enquirer will not have the opportunity to set a budget range.

Find Me A Holiday Enquiry type is for those seeking booking advice. You can submit an offer here if you choose, but it is not necessary. There will be a budget set by the enquirer.

How will I know when new enquiries have come in?

When new enquiries come in that match your criteria, you will be notified by email.  In your agent profile you can specify what type of enquiries interest you.

Please add us to your safe sender’s email list (or check junk/spam) to make sure you receive our emails.

Do holidaymakers make bookings on the Holidayhub website?

No bookings will be made directly on the Holidayhub website. It will be up to you, the travel consultant,  to arrange bookings directly with potential holidaymakers. Once you have paid a fee to the Holidayhub, you will have all the contact details you require to make this happen.

What happens when I submit an offer to a potential client?

They will be notified by email automatically. You will also recieve their contact details so you can contact them directly. You may also message them using the Holidayhub message system.

We continually contact the potential holidaymakers to remind them that they have offers outstanding.

Furthermore , when their enquiries are about to run out we remind them to take action.

We are in constant contact to make sure your offers aren’t wasted!

I can't submit an offer - it says I'm trying to share contact details.

You may see the following message when attempting to submit an offer to a client:

We have detected that you tried to share your contact details, please edit the form.

You will need to remove any words from the offer that match your company name.

For example: If you have the word travel in your offer, and it’s part of your company name, you will need to remove that too.

Will we be reviewed on your site?

Yes, but we will only ask holidaymakers who book holidays to review the service you provide, not the holiday itself. These reviews will then appear in your profile, and will help you to sell more holidays, if they are good!

The Holidayhub is an impartial website

We don’t sell holidays directly, we help connect you with people who do! You can benefit from the personal tailored approach of many different independent and specialist travel companies or experienced consultants, that you might not easily find on the web or on comparison sites.

If they see your request and think they can help they will come to you, and you decide if you want to talk more.



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