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The Holidayhub | how we will help you find your perfect holiday

how we help

the holiday dilemma

Choosing a holiday isn’t easy, we know that!

There are so many destinations, resorts, travel companies and websites, who has the time to research the choices? How do you decide where to start?

You can go directly to a travel website, but which one do you pick? It would be nice to speak a travel consultant who cares if you enjoy your holiday (websites don’t!) but how do you find the right one?

Of course you could start with a price comparison site, but companies pay a premium to be listed (which gets passed on to you) and they can’t compare holidays which vary a little from the norm.

There are so many small independent travel consultants and companies out there. Passionate, experienced and customer focused, finding perfect holidays for their clients is what they live for. It’s unlikely you would find them, but now they will come to you!

the solution

Whether you know where to go on your holiday or not,
you’ll find help right here!
not sure what to book?

Tell us what you do know and travel consultants will contact you to fill in the blanks.  Draw on their experience to find the holiday you really want.

I know what to book…

Let travel consultants compete for your business with the right deal. Get a wide range of offers from experts that you won’t find on comparison sites.

good old fashioned expertise

Find the right holiday here, fast and hassle free!

Don’t be constrained by your typical holiday search. Post your holiday requirements right here, whatever they may be, in your own words, and you’ll get help from the pro’s.

The personal element has been taken out of the holiday search these days. It’s all about the star ratings, prices and dubious reviews from unchecked sources. Where do you go to get decent advice from real experts who can help with your not so typical holiday needs? Right here is where!

find your holiday now